Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Dylan Moran is pure genius

Most people are aware of the old adage that clowns hide behind their tears, but until last night, I had never experienced the true depth of what it's like to have both the comedy and tragedy inside oneself all the time. I'm not sure that everyone walks away with the same impression of this show, certainly the Telegraph review by Dominic Cavendish seemed to grasp some of the show's aims, but was quite blase about how personal a show it is.  Dylan Moran is a true genius in that he performed two shows at once; his stand up routine, to his usual very high standards, relating and empathising with two thousand people at once. Simultaneously, behind him, some of his own doodles, thoughts, and artistic representations of the mind. All of it seemingly effortless. All of it horrendously insightful, and in hindsight, as I look back, performing the task that Art is, in my mind, meant to; it makes you question yourself, your relationships, your surroundings and circumstances, other people's surroundings and circumstances, and indeed, makes you look at your present, past and future society. I laughed as inwardly I cried. Amongst the many things he was saying was that we love putting things in boxes, seperating and segregating people, thoughts, and ideas. To this end, as an artist myself I was shocked into realisation, that artists are put into boxes, but perhaps 'comedians' the most.  I hope I can continue to see other people and myself in a more rounded, holistic way, and that my expressive abilities as an artist will only benefit from having a more open attitude.

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