Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why government is all in it together, but not in the way they say...

So, I watched this this morning, and as a result posted the letter below. It's probably a little too accusatory to be effective, but I vented!

Once again, I feel the need to write to my local MP to express my concerns over ethical behaviour of the government and it's relationship with the financial sector, the media and business corporations.

Increasingly I read about the government's dealings with other business sectors to find that they are of an inappropriate nature, and involve arrangements which the voters are unaware of, did not expressly request for, and I feel I am now discovering our government to have a thread, perhaps a vein, and perhaps, it may be found, to be a bigger cancerous proportion of corrupt, unethical arrangements with banking sectors, media moguls and business men, arms dealers, even turning a blind eye to dealing with countries which have well known human rights transgressions for the sake of business.

If Mr Cameron truly believes that the UK should become a place where 'we're all in it together' and wants the general public to adopt a more altruistic approach to life, surely it must be seen to be coming from the top first? A parent teaches a child by setting a good example themselves.
 As our law makers, you are the parent in this situation, but instead of taking care of your charges, you are leaving us in the shop doorway and hoping that someone else deals with us. In fact, you're raiding the children's piggy bank to pay the milk man, the grocer and the paper shop. Your children are sick, and yet you won't take them to the GP. Your children are hungry, and you withhold their pocket money in exchange for feeding some of them, and when you do you promote junk food and alcohol over fresh vegetables, as it has more financial benefit to you. You dine and wine with your husbands and wives of media, finance and business, and allow them to raid your children's savings accounts, and never demand that they pay it back. If anyone is acting immorally, irresponsibly,and selfishly, I'm afraid to say it seems to be yourselves.

Bankers must be held accountable for the recent bail-outs. Without holding the financial sector up to proper scrutiny, and changing the way in which capitalism functions, the world will continue on it's destructive path. It seems quite blatently clear to the majority of the world that the knock-on effect of having a civilisation that functions on increasing profits yearly, is that the people below end up channeling more money into a never ending consuming machine of greed, resulting in starvation, disease and poverty not just in third worlds, but second and first ones as well.  If corporate fat cats are not forced into giving something back, they end up in a situation where (as we've just seen with Apple,) they hold more money in reserve than one of the greatest world powers.

As Barack Obama intimated in his speech, the USA and the UK are long known for standing together against evil and terrorism. I'm not so sure this is the case any more, but if something isn't done to clean up our systems soon, the world will suffer a cataclysmic collapse. You are our caretakers, voted for by those who had least had a modicum of interest in how the UK and the world is run. Moral and ethical obligation can not be just a responsibility of the unemployed and disabled, because they are not worthy to be supported, (and I am one of those) but is essentially the responsibility of those with power and money.You are the only people who can make this happen. As my local representative in parliament, I have to rely on you to listen to my voice, but more importantly, to act on it.

The government has to care about the general voter, or they will lose us, as they are already doing. By not holding the financial sector to their promised responsibilities, by not admitting to discussions with Murdoch about BSkyB, by taking weapons dealers abroad with the political entourage whilst on trips to Arab states, by cutting into the very heart of the public sector, by not listening to alternative, more viable financial suggestions, as put forward by organisations such as Robin Hood, by stripping away the assistance to those in need to the extent where their human rights are affected and their ability to contribute to society is less as a result of having less support, and even more potty plans, the government is making a statement to us. That they don't care. They don't care what happens to the poorest, the sickest, the youngest. They don't care about the general voter, because it was the banks, the media and the unions which placed them in their position of power, and so now, the government is really owned by them, and not us.

Fundamental change to all of these attitudes is vital. Compulsory voting might be one way of addressing a small part of it, but I suggest Mr Cameron and his party look to their own ethics before demanding the general voter to help thy neighbour.

I apologise for the tone of my letter, my contempt is not purely for a single MP, or even for a single party. Unfortunately I address you all, and ask that you, our law makers and breakers take on this enormous task. But it has to be now, and it has to be all of you.

Yours sincerely,


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